Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tech Stuff I'm Learning from You

It's the last day of our Technology in Education class at University of Washington - Bothell. We're all sharing our technology portfolios. This is what I've learned from you:

  • In Google maps, you can embed video (how???) and audio (with widget). A teacher created a map in the Google Earth view around which students had to tell a story. Cool.
  • How do you invite parents/students to pbwiki? Kids don't need an email address (sign up as a class); do a group invite for parents (from email distribution list).
  • Slide show: Can make in and
  • Google clock for different time zones is a great idea for a blog/website if partnering with a school in another time zone.
  • Jing for taking a video of a computer screen.
  • for mindmapping.
  • Nick's portfolio for math tools: gapminder, graphjam?, iGoogle gadget motion chart, for speakers.
  • Pamela for recording a Skype video conference (but only one side of the conversation).
  • Sustainable Building and Design discussion group on Delicious.
  • for photo/text/music only digital story.
  • Furl for putting notes up on a wiki.
  • Google notebook for storing info that you searched.
Thank you!

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